Friday, March 25, 2011

More Pictures From Florida

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Its Been a While!!

   Sorry for the absence of any posts in the last 4 months. I've totally just slacked. But I am sure most of you have stayed got up with many of Ben's Pictures on facebook.
   Well... we defenintly have a toddler on our hands. He is growing so quickly and not just physically but in every way. Ike and I cant get over just how quick he picks things up now just since his first birthday. His walking is much improved and now falls only once in a while when he is just going to fast. He is SUPER strong willed and now shows a temper that you would not believe. Yes, this sweet little face now screams, stomps his feet and throws himself to the ground. We are disciplining and trying to put a stop to it now. But sometimes I just have to walk away to laugh, because it is just to funny. He has a very strong attraction to any creature. We visit the pet store often and he could stay there all day waching not only our furry friends but also the birds and fish. He also loves to read stories when he is starting to get sleepy. He will now bring us the book he wants to look at. It is just so cute. Ben also loves hats (especially his dads), he doesn't like to wear them for long, but he loves to put things on his head (even my head bands). He will now gives hugs when asked, which will just melt your heart. He still hates to sleep so that is an on going battle that I fear will forever battle.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hello Fall

Please excuse my snotty nose. I have my daddy's cold.  
Ben is sporting his new T- bog.

                                 Sorry, I have no editing software... so the snot and drool stays!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ben is 7 months now (by the way)

Family Reunion Weekend

Cousin Autumn

Cousin Jenn and Aunt Joan

Go Cats!!

Hello Pearly whites!!

My new favorite picture of Ben!
Notice! Ben is laying on our new cat "Samson"

Great Uncle Ted! At the Pineville football game.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dr. Update

First of all a Big Congrats to Andrew and Caroline on there Engagement!! We cant wait to see you guys!

  Benjamin went to the Dr. this past Monday for is well visit.  He doesn't seem to be growing at the speed of light anymore, or at last for the time being. He measured at 28 inches and 20 lbs. These numbers put him in the 93% in height and the 80% in weight.
And in recent news if you haven't heard he is cutting a 4th tooth. So I am pretty sure he is on track to have them all in the first year. We had a couple of weeks of great sleeping but are back into are old routine of 3-4 hours. He is napping great during the day though.
He is still the sweetest- happiest boy, and is beginning to become very curios and adventurous already. He has mastered the walker and runs (literally) all over the kitchen. Buck and Miss Kitty stand no chance.He has started to open the drawers and cabinets. So a much watchful eye is needed while in the kitchen.

Sorry... I don't have very many pics. But I will have lots to put up soon for his 7 month post!
Ben's Happy Birthday message to my mom!
Taken at the Farm a couple weeks ago.